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  • Personally managed by Thomas & Stefan Saner
  • Understandable advice without M&A jargon
  • Probably the largest buyer network in the DACH region
  • Successful transactions thanks to a clear process

Competent. Understandable. Successful.

With the expertise gained from well over 100 projects, we will guide you to a successful transaction. The founders of saner consulting are entrepreneurs themselves and remain your point of contact throughout the process.

We advise, evaluate and mediate until we have achieved the best result for you and your company. We deal exclusively with issues related to a business transaction: preparation, valuation, search for a buyer, negotiations.

As part of the con|cess network, we are internationally connected and have an efficient and large network of buyers in the DACH region and Europe.

We advise you personally and take responsibility.

Our clients are our focus – as an experienced team with a lot of SME blood in our veins, we are at your side as a personal, entrepreneurial and intergenerational advisor for the sale of your business.


Thomas Saner

“I know the situation of owners from my own experience”.

He has successfully managed various companies in Switzerland and abroad and has the necessary experience of selling family businesses. He also knows the buyer’s side through his work for international groups.

Thomas Saner


Stefan Saner

“Selling a business is more than just a transaction”.

With experience as a consultant, brand manager and financial analyst for small and large companies in a variety of sectors, he has the expertise to make a business sale a success. Owner-managed businesses are particularly close to his heart because of his own background.

Stefan Saner

Our goal: to find the best solution for you

"You deserve professional support for (perhaps) the most important transaction of your life."


To achieve the best possible result, the sale of a business needs to be carefully planned and structured. This is the only way to achieve the best price with minimum tax and to ensure that your life’s work ends up in good hands. In addition to maximising the sale price and minimising taxes, we also take into account issues such as fair working conditions/non-competition clauses, minimal liability and the interests of your employees and customers.

Preparation and an active search for buyers are crucial. With our experience from over 100 projects and as the exclusive Swiss partner of the con|cess network in the DACH region, we can successfully guide you through the sale of your company.

"Only those who know their goal will find the way."

Business Succession

As a first step, you want to know how a sale works, what preparations you need to make, what the approximate market value of your business is and what the chances of a sale are.

Our “Succession Check” package provides you with the answers to these questions. As an owner, you will be familiar with the process of a sales project, know the key success factors and have indicative guidance on valuation, marketability and sales promotion measures. You will be given tips and suggestions to help you make the right decisions before the actual process of selling your business begins.

"Our valuations are recognised by leading banks.”


Valuing your business in terms of a realistic selling price is a complex task that requires a great deal of experience. In addition to the hard numbers, many external and qualitative factors, as well as the market environment, need to be taken into account. We value your business at a price that is actually achievable in the market. This gives you a sound and objective basis for your decision. A comprehensible valuation also increases the chances of a sale.

The multiples created together with con|cess are used by the Swiss SME portal, Finance Magazine and the German Corporate Exchange (DUB; saner consulting is a cooperation partner for company valuations), among other publications.

"We are with you every step of the way.”

M&A Advisory

Have you already found a buyer or a successor, but need help with the sale process, such as drafting contracts or setting a price? We can help you with tax optimisation, payment processing, contract drafting and the transition process.

We also provide ongoing advice to investment companies, family offices, companies and private individuals on the acquisition of businesses.

Trust is based on performance

Every client is important to us

Thomas Jericke

Thomas Jericke

Owner and CEO Indel AG

“We would like to thank Thomas and Stefan Saner for their excellent cooperation. We are confident that Hidden Peak Capital is the right buyer for Zimmer & Kreim and will ensure a successful future for the company. The entire Indel AG team looks forward to continuing the excellent cooperation with Zimmer & Kreim.”

Industry: Mechanical Engineering

Employees: 80

Reason: Strategic Decision

Sebastian Fiechter - Zuara

Sebastian Fiechter

CEO and Partner Zuara

“I am delighted to have found a buyer in catworkx and the TIMETOACT GROUP that offers our employees and customers excellent prospects for the future and with whom I am confident that the company will be in good hands after a period of transition”.

Industry: IT

Buyer: International Competitor

Reason: Personal Reorientation

Kraftwerk - Logo

Alexander Pieper

Owner and Chairman of the Board Kraftwerk Group

“We would like to thank Stefan Saner for the excellent collaboration. He supported us from A to Z, always keeping an eye on the big picture without neglecting the details. His pragmatic approach with valuable input and mediation between the two different cultures was very valuable for us in successfully completing the acquisition. We look forward to the next project with him.”

Industry: Toolmaking

Employees: >140

Goal: Own Production

Sven Sauter - NOX

Sven Sauter

Former owner of NOX Systems AG

“For me it was crucial that the employees and the company were taken over by a buyer who was interested in a long-term future. With the FMA, which is only 10 minutes away from us, we found an extremely good solution that I hadn’t expected.”

Industry: Security Systems

Employees: 12

Reason for Sale: Life Planning

Jürgen Taudien

Jürgen Taudien

Former owner of Verbier Location™

“Stefan and Thomas provided us with very focused and comprehensive support right from the start. The sale to a listed and foreign company required a lot of patience, but they were very persistent and kept explaining our position to the buyers until it was right for both sides. We were happy to have a partner who was always on our side and are very satisfied with the overall result.”

Industry: Tourism

Buyer: International Group

Reason: Retirement

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